Lighthouses of Michigan


Michigan has more coastline that any other state in the US. This naturally means that it is also the state with the most lighthouses. It is bordered by four of the five Great Lakes and has deep roots in shipping.

We were fortunate enough during the spring of 2001 to be able to spend some time visiting numerous lighthouses in Michigan. Our trip started in St. Joseph, Michigan, and took us up the coast of Lake Michigan, and down the other side along Lake Huron. We ended up in the Town of Port Huron. During this trip, we made a quick run to Whitefish Point, but that was the only lighthouse on Lake Superior that we were able to get to.

During this trip, we were able to get a good feeling of the type of coastline and the types of lighthouses in Michigan. In all, we shot over thirty rolls of film. Almost all of them being 24 exposure, with a few being 36s. It cost us a lot of money to get it all developed, but in all, I think it was worth it.

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Alpena - 1914
Alpena, Michigan

Big Bay - 1896
Big Bay, Michigan

Big Sable Point - 1867
Ludington, Michigan

Bois Blanc Island - 1867
Bois Blanc Island, Michigan

Charity Island - 1857
Standish, Michigan

Charlevoix South Pierhead - 1948
Charlevoix, Michigan

Cheboygan Crib - 1884
Cheboygan, Michigan

Cheboygan River Front Range - 1880
Cheboygan, Michigan

Copper Harbor - 1866
Copper Harbor, Michigan

Crisp Point - 1904
Paradise, Michigan

Eagle Harbor - 1871
Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Fort Gratiot - 1829
Port Huron, Michigan

Forty Mile Point - 1896
Roger's City, Michigan

Fourteen Foot Shoal - 1930
Cheboygan, Michigan

Frankfort North Breakwater - 1932
Frankfort, Michigan

Grand Haven - 1907
Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Island East Channel - 1868
Grand Island, Michigan

Grand Island Front Range - 1968
Christmas, Michigan

Grand Island Rear Range - 1914
Christmas, Michigan

Grand Traverse - 1858
North Port, Michigan

Gravelly Shoal - 1939
Point Lookout, Michigan

Grays Reef - 1936
St. Ignace, Michigan

Harbor Beach - 1885
Harbor Beach, Michigan

Holland Harbor - 1936
Holland, Michigan

Huron Lightship (LV-103/WAL-526) - 1935
Port Huron, Michigan

Little Sable Point - 1874
Silver Lake State Park, Michigan

Little Traverse - 1884
Harbor Springs, Michigan

Ludington North Pierhead - 1924
Ludington, Michigan

Manistee North Pierhead - 1927
Manistee, Michigan

Manistique East Breakwater - 1917
Manistique, Michigan

Marquette Harbor - 1866
Marquette, Michigan

McGulpin Point - 1869
Mackinaw City, Michigan

Mendota - 1895
Bete Gris, Michigan

Muskegon South Breakwater - 1931
Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon South Pierhead - 1903
Muskegon, Michigan

New Presque Isle - 1871
Harbor View, Michigan

North Manitou Shoal - 1935
Off Manitou Island, Michigan

Old Mackinac Point - 1892
Mackinaw City, Michigan

Old Mission - 1870
Traverse City, Michigan

Old Presque Isle - 1840
Harbor View, Michigan

Peche Island - 1908
Marine City, Michigan

Peninsula Point - 1866
Stonington, Michigan

Poe Reef - 1929
Cheboygan, Michigan

Point Aux Barques - 1857
Point Aux Barques, Michigan

Point Betsie - 1858
Frankfort, Michigan

Point Iroquois - 1871
Brimley, Michigan

Port Austin Reef - 1878
Port Austin, Michigan

Port Sanilac - 1886
Port Sanilac, Michigan

Presque Isle Front Range - 1870
Harbor View, Michigan

Presque Isle Rear Range - 1870
Harbor View, Michigan

Robert H. Manning Memorial - 1991
Empire, Michigan

Rock Of Ages - 1908
Off Isle Royale, Michigan

Round Island - 1895
Near Mackinac Island, Michigan

Round Island Passage - 1947
Near Mackinac Island, Michigan

Saginaw River Rear Range - 1876
Bay City, Michigan

Sand Hills - 1919
Ahmeek, Michigan

Sand Point - 1867
Escanaba, Michigan

Seul Choix Point - 1895
Gulliver, Michigan

South Haven - 1903
South Haven, Michigan

South Manitou Island - 1872
Manitou Island, Michigan

St. Helena Island - 1873
St. Ignace, Michigan

St. Joseph Lighthouse Depot - 1893
St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph North Pierhead Inner - 1907
St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph North Pierhead Outer - 1906
St. Joseph, Michigan

Sturgeon Point - 1869
Alcona, Michigan

Tawas Point - 1876
Tawas Point, Michigan

Waugoshance - 1851
Mackinaw City, Michigan

White River - 1875
Whitehall, Michigan

White Shoal - 1910
Mackinaw City, Michigan

Whitefish Point - 1861
Paradise, Michigan

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