Sand Hills Lighthouse

Ahmeek, Michigan - 1919 (1919**)

Photo of the Sand Hills Lighthouse.

History of the Sand Hills Lighthouse

Dennis Kent spent some time at this bed and breakfast and had this to write:

Sand Hills Light was built in 1917. The last light built on the Great Lakes. It's 4th order Fresnel lens is on display inside. Check out their web site at The clean lines of the exterior contrast with the Victorian furnishings.
During the war the government housed as many as 200 military at the lighthouse. The marks can still be seen on the walls where the bunk beds were stacked up. Attic space became bed space. Good thing there was never a fire. There would have been no escape for most with narrow windows and a small door. The original garage for the keeper was turned into barracks. This view is of the barracks with the light beyond as you come up the drive.

Directions: Directions from their website: Sand Hills Lighthouse Inn is located 25 miles Northeast of Houghton, Michigan, on the Keweenaw Peninsula's North shore. Follow Hwy. 41 to the tiny village of Ahmeek, and turn left at the first street. Immediately upon turning, you'll see signs directing you to Five Mile Point Road, where you will then continue the eight miles to the lighthouse.

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Tower Information
Tower Height: 70.00'
Focal Plane: 91'
Active Aid to Navigation: Deactivated (1954)
*Latitude: 47.39100 N
*Longitude: -88.37000 W
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* Please note that all GPS coordinates are approximated and are meant to put you in the vicinity of the lighthouse, not for navigation purposes.

** This year denotes a station date. This is the year that a lighthouse was first reported in the vicinity or at that location.

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