Burlington Canal Lighthouse

Burlington, Ontario - 1858 (1837**)

Photo of the Burlington Canal Lighthouse.

History of the Burlington Canal Lighthouse

This lighthouse was originally the "rear range" light paired with the Burlington Canal Front Range Light. The original tower was lost during a pier fire in 1856. The light stands 55 feet tall and is in bad shape since the tower had very little maintenance since its deactivation in the early 1960s. Only protests saved the tower from demolition.

Directions: Heading north along the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) towards Burlington, Ontario, exit at Eastport Drive (exit 93). At the end of the ramp, make a right onto Eastport Drive. Less than a quarter of a mile up the road was the Burlington Main Lighthouse just to the left of the canal bridge. Just before the Burlington Canal bridge, there is a sandy spot to pull of the road to get a decent mid-range shot. You can walk up to the top of a little hill to get a shot over the trees and part of the bridge in the picture.

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Tower Information
Tower Height: 55.00'
Focal Plane: Unknown
Active Aid to Navigation: Deactivated (1961)
*Latitude: 43.29800 N
*Longitude: -79.79600 W
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* Please note that all GPS coordinates are approximated and are meant to put you in the vicinity of the lighthouse, not for navigation purposes.

** This year denotes a station date. This is the year that a lighthouse was first reported in the vicinity or at that location.

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