Lighthouses of Ontario


This is a special section being featured on I have always been fascinated by Canadian Lighthouses, especially the ones that are painted in the red and white color scheme.

I had the opportunity in the summer of 1999 to get to Ontario and photograph several lighthouses along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie even though I was living in North Carolina at the time. In late 1999 I moved back home to Buffalo, NY so now I will be able to cover more of Ontario.

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Burlington Canal - 1858
Burlington, Ontario

Burlington Canal Front Range - 1909
Burlington, Ontario

Cobourg East Breakwater - 1924
Cobourg, Ontario

Cole Shoal (Front Range) - 1856
Elizabethtown, Ontario

Cole Shoal Rear Range - 1916
Elizabethtown, Ontario

False Duck Island - 1967
Milford, Ontario

Gibraltar Point - 1808
Toronto, Ontario

Long Point - 1916
Long Point, Ontario

Main Duck Island - 1914
Main Duck Island, Ontario

Mohawk Island - 1848
Mohawk Island, Ontario

New False Duck Island - 1965
Swetman Island, Ontario

Niagara River Front Range - 1903
Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

Niagara River Rear Range - 1903
Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

Nine Mile Point - 1833
Simcoe Island, Ontario

Oakville - 1889
Oakville, Ontario

Old Cut - 1879
Long Point, Ontario

Point Abino - 1917
Point Abino, Ontario

Point Petre - 1967
Cherry Valley, Ontario

Port Burwell - 1840
Port Burwell, Ontario

Port Colborne Inner - 1903
Port Colborne, Ontario

Port Colborne Outer - 1928
Port Colborne, Ontario

Port Dalhousie Front Range - 1879
Port Dalhousie, Ontario

Port Dalhousie Rear Range - 1898
Port Dalhousie, Ontario

Port Dover - 1846
Port Dover, Ontario

Port Maitland - 1898
Port Maitland, Ontario

Port Weller - 1931
Port Weller, Ontario

Prescott - 1989
Prescott, Ontario

Prescott Harbor - Unknown
Prescott, Ontario

Presqu'ile Point - 1840
Brighton, Ontario

Prince Edward Point - 1881
Milford, Ontario

Queen's Wharf - 1861
Toronto, Ontario

Salmon Point - 1871
Cherry Valley, Ontario

Scotch Bonnet - 1856
Scotch Bonnet Island, Ontario

Toronto Harbor - 1974
Toronto, Ontario

Windmill Point - 1873
Wexford, Ontario

There are 35 lighthouses featured on this site for Ontario.


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