Lighthouses of Georgia


I am very grateful that I did get to cover the some of the lighthouses in Georgia. However, while there, I missed two of them that I know of. Those being Sapelo Island and Little Cumberland Island.

I almost made it to Sapelo Island. I was at the ferry dock first thing in the morning, however the boat tour was canceled due to low turnout. (We were the only ones there) Also, you have to make reservations to have an escort once on the island. There are several people who will donate their time to show you around the island.

Another reason we didn't go was the ferry departure schedule. You were on the island for three hours, and we had over planned our trip as it was. We really didn't leave any time to mess around. Another part where we lost time was on St. Simon's Island. That area was so beautiful that we couldn't help but spend time in and around the lighthouse.

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Cockspur Island - 1857
Cockspur Island, Georgia

Sapelo Island - 1820
Sapelo Island, Georgia

St. Simon's Island - 1872
St. Simon's Island, Georgia

Tybee Island - 1867
Tybee Island, Georgia

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