Cleveland East Pierhead Lighthouse

Cleveland, Ohio - 1911 (1831**)

Photo of the Cleveland East Pierhead Lighthouse.

History of the Cleveland East Pierhead Lighthouse

A rugged little lighthouse stands at the end of Cleveland's break-wall. It's purpose was to mark the entrance to Cleveland's inner harbor. It is made of cast iron plates and at one time housed a 5th-order Fresnel lens. It has long since been automated, and is now a solar powered 300mm plastic optic. The Fresnel lens is now an exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center nearby.

This lighthouse is an active Coast Guard station and is therefore closed to the public. The lighthouse sits out into the lake quite A ways and is therefore hard to photograph. It is best photographed from a boat, however, I got this shot from the Port of Cleveland parking lot behind Cleveland Browns Stadium with a 1000mm telephoto lens. The gate was closed to the lot, but the guard kindly opened it so that I could get this picture.

Directions: Get off Route 2 in downtown Cleveland at East 9th Street and head north towards the lake. At Erieside Ave., make a left and head past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center. Just in front of the Cleveland Browns Stadium, Erieside Ave makes a right and continues. Erieside Ave makes a left now and continues behind the stadium. Follow this behind the stadium. It was at this point that I got some distant shots with a 1000mm telephoto lens.

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Tower Information
Tower Height: 25.00'
Focal Plane: 31'
Active Aid to Navigation: Yes
*Latitude: 41.51000 N
*Longitude: -81.71500 W
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* Please note that all GPS coordinates are approximated and are meant to put you in the vicinity of the lighthouse, not for navigation purposes.

** This year denotes a station date. This is the year that a lighthouse was first reported in the vicinity or at that location.

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