Lighthouses of the City

Toronto, Ontario
September 24, 2004


September of 2004 saw us with a trip to Toronto. It had been a while since we had been there. So I did some research to find out where the two remaining lighthouses of Toronto that I had not photographed. We stayed at the Delta Chelsea on Yonge and Gerrard Street. We have been to this hotel numerous times, and it is in the center of everything.

Anyways, We got up Saturday morning, got the Jeep out of the parking garage, and headed out. Our first lighthouse would be the Toronto Harbour Lighthouse. From our location, we took Yonge Street south to Lake Shore Blvd East. From here, we took this east for about 2.5 miles to Leslie Street. We made a right (south) onto Leslie Street, and followed that to the end at Tommy Thompson Park. From here we parked, and waited for the bus to take us into the park.

The bus takes you about half way into the park where they drop you off at a bridge. From here, you will have to walk to the end where the lighthouse is. I believe it was about a half to three-quarters of a mile walk to the end. We walked to the end, and took our pictures. You can get a great shot of the Toronto skyline from here. From here, it was a walk back to the bridge area to wait for the van to take us back out of the park.

From here, we headed back out Leslie Street to Lake Shore Blvd East. We followed Lake Shore Blvd East back towards Yonge Street (West). Once at Yonge Street, we headed south towards Queens Quay East. We found a place to park, and walked over towards the West Harbour Castle. This is where we would catch the ferry server to the Toronto Islands.

We opted for the Centre Island Ferry which took us to the center of the Island. From here, we walked to the opposite side of the island where we rented a two-seater bike for a few hours. This was our best option as we were already tired from walking at the previous park. From here, it was just a short ride to the Gibralter Point Lighthouse. We then returned the bike, and walked back to the ferry landing to head back to the main land and back to the Delta Chelsea.

There is so much to see and do in Toronto, so make sure you spend some time there. There are a ton of incredible restaurants, and shopping. It won't be long before we head back.In fact, the next time we go there, we are going to see the Blue Man Group.

If you are interested in other lighthouses around the Toronto area, please read about our previous trip to Toronto located at this link.

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