Erie Land Lighthouse

Erie, Pennsylvania - 1867 (1867**)

Lighthouse Picture

Posted/Updated by Bryan Penberthy on 2003-05-23.

The original Erie Land Light was built in 1818. Due to poor planning, it was built on sand. By the 1860s, the tower was leaning out of plumb. It was torn down in 1867 after being replaced by the current tower.

When the lighthouse was deactivated in 1899, the lantern room was removed. Local citizens and politicians raised money to have the lantern room rebuilt in 1989. I was there after a wind storm in the summer of 2003, and it appears that the lantern room was destroyed. To see pictures, click on the "View More Pictures" button at the bottom of this page.

Directions: From Alternate Route 5 (East Lake Road) in Erie, PA, head north on Lighthouse Street. At the end of this street will be the lighthouse.

Grounds open. Tower closed.

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