Latest Lighthouse and Photo Additions?


I created this page to make it easy to see what lighthouses and pictures were added to the site within the last thirty days. I am always adding pictures every so often. Lots of people send in their pictures, as well as I still don't have all of my lighthouse pictures scanned yet, so as I get time, I add some photos. It's not always convenient to look at the news page, hence the creation of this page.

How to interpret this page: If the lighthouse name has this image next to it: What's New Graphic, then the lighthouse entry was recently added to the website. If it says (additional pictures added), then the lighthouse was already on the website, I've just added more pictures into the archive of it. Please remember, these are NOT all the pictures of each of the lighthouses that I have listed here. Many of the lighththouses have more pictures. To see these pictures, click on the lighthouse name, and the follow the "more pictures" button near the bottom of the page.


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