Lighthouses of New Hampshire


With a landmass of 9,349 square miles, the state of New Hampshire is the fifth smallest state in the United States. It also features the shortest ocean coastline of any state in the United States, approximately 18 miles. With that, the state has only two lighthouses, the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and the Isle of Shoals Lighthouse.

Prior to European settlement, various Algonquian tribes had settled the area. In 1623, English fishermen settled at Odiorne's Point, an area that would later be recommended to survey for a lighthouse. Within a decade, many of the areas around the Piscataqua River and Great Bay would be settled.

The state featured a good natural harbor at Portsmouth, where the Piscataqua River meets the Atlantic Ocean. As Portsmouth was strategically located for trade between inland industries and foreign ports, the port at Portsmouth prospered. Dense forests along the Piscataqua River ensured Portsmouth would become a major hub for shipbuilding, further enabling its growth.

Portsmouth Harbor - 1878
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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