Calumet Harbor Lighthouse

Calumet Harbor, Wisconsin - 1936 (1936**)

Picture of Calumet Harbor Lighthouse

Posted/Updated by Bryan Penberthy on 2007-12-02.

From what I have read, this tower started out as a water containment tower at the Fond Du Lac Table Factory. It served there until it was retired in 1936. At that time, it was moved to Columbia Park on the shore of Lake Winnebago as part of a U.S. Works Project to serve as an aid to navigation.

Directions: The lighthouse sits in Columbia Park. While heading north out of Fond du Lac on Highway 151, take County Road W west (towards the lake). This will end at Columbia Park. When we were there, the tree cover was so dense that the tower was barely visible.

Access: Grounds and tower open.

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