Three Sisters Island Lighthouse

Sisters Island, New York - 1870 (1870**)

Lighthouse Picture

The lighthouse sits on the tiny Sisters Island which is about 12 miles upstream from Alexandria Bay. It is really made up of three islands that were connected together via breakwalls. The lighthouse is made up of limestone, and the tower is integrated into the keeper's quarters. The tower once housed a sixth-order Fresnel lens, but was deactivated during the 1950s.

Note: The lighthouse is private property, please respect this and do not trespass.

Directions: This lighthouse sits in the middle of the shipping channel of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Where it is located, it is impossible to see from land. I took the Empire Cruise Lines tour to Singer Castle which is upstream from the lighthouse. The cruise line passes very close to the lighthouse, and on both sides as well. It is probably the easiest way to photograph the lighthouse short of having your own boat.

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