East Brother Island Lighthouse

Richmond, California - 1874 (1874**)

Picture of East Brother Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse sits on an island in the north end of San Francisco Bay marking the entrance to San Pablo Bay. The Government recognized the need for a light to mark the area, but couldn't acquire a parcel of mainland property reasonably, so they turned their sights to the island. Once the massive undertaking of leveling off the island was done, the crews were able to get a two-story building with attached tower and a fog signal building situated on the island.

In 1967, the lighthouse was automated. Rather than maintain the buildings, they erected a light on a pole to handle the duties. They were ready to tear down the buildings when protests from local residents held them back. Today, the lighthouse is a bed-and-breakfast. So if you are looking for a place to stay in the Bay Area, please check into it. The best way to get information about this wonderful place to stay is at the website, http://www.ebls.org or call (510) 233-2385.

Directions: Follow the signs to Interstate I-580 and the San Rafael Bridge to Richmond. Once over the bridge and into Richmond, stay in the left hand lane. You will be getting off at the first exit. Then follow the signs for the East Brother Lighthouse. What happens is they have you get off I-580 and then get back on I-580 heading west and get off at the last exit before the bridge (Western Drive). Follow Western Drive through and old military base...it will lead you back towards some old oil tanks, etc. I pulled over in a little dirt lot and parked. I crossed the street and got the pictures that I wanted.

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