East Charity Shoal Lighthouse

off Tibbetts Point, New York - 1877 (1935**)

Lighthouse Picture

This light is actually the lighthouse that was at Vermilion, Ohio. It was on the verge of collapse, so the Lighthouse Board had it taken down and shipped to Buffalo. Later it was put into service as the East Charity Shoal Lighthouse.

Here is a great shot of the East Charity Shoal Lighthouse from the US Coast Guard archives.

Description: This lighthouse sits out in Lake Ontario well off shore. The best view of this lighthouse is from the grounds of the Tibbett's Point Lighthouse. While in Cape Vincent, follow Broadway Street west to the intersection with Route 6 (Pleasant Valley Road). At this point, Broadway Street will turn into Tibbetts Point Road. Follow this to the end, and you will be at the lighthouse.

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