Mohawk Island Lighthouse

Mohawk Island, Ontario - 1848 (1848**)

Picture of Mohawk Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse is sitting in ruins on Mohawk Island, the decline in shipping traffic to the Welland Canal led to its lack of usefulness. It was later replaced by lighted buoys. The fact that the lighthouse is still standing is a testament to the craftsmanship of the days. The tower has been abandoned since 1969 and has receieved no upkeep at all, and has even weathered severe winter storms.

Directions: The lighthouse sits on Mohawk Island about two miles offshore. The best viewing spot from the mainland is at the end of Mohawk Point Road. From Route 3 in Wainfleet, head west. You will see a cut off on the left-hand side for Mohawk Point Road. Follow this to the end and park. From here, you can hike down the beach a little ways to get a better shot. This photo was taken with a 500mm telephoto lens. Another viewing spot I heard of is Rock Point Provincial Park.

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