Erie Yacht Club Lighthouse

Erie, Pennsylvania - Unknown (Unknown**)

Picture of Erie Yacht Club Lighthouse

This entry was sent in by Tim McLaughlin. I don't have much information on this "almost lighthouse." This is from Tim's e-mail:

I also included the Erie Yacht Club Lighthouse. It is big and a beacon does emit from it, although it's not an official U.S. Coast Guard Light.

Directions: Exit at the I-79 North exit, stay on I-79 until it becomes the Bayfront Highway. At the first light, Lincoln Ave., turn left, proceed to next light which will be West 8th and Lincoln Ave. Continue through light 2 blocks to West 6th St. Turn left on to West 6th St., go 2 blocks to Virginia Ave. Turn right onto Virginia Ave and proceed to the fork in the road. Stay to your right at the fork and proceed through the intersection with Plymouth Ave. Proceed about 150 yards until you see the Erie Yacht Club sign on your left. Follow the road to the bottom.

Please note: The GPS coordinates for this light are completely guestimated.

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