Vermilion Lighthouse

Vermilion, Ohio - 1991 (1877**)

Picture of Vermilion Lighthouse

This is definitely one of the newer lighthouses built in Ohio if not the newest. This is a replica of the original Vermilion lighthouse that was built in 1877 and sits on the grounds of The Inland Seas Maritime Museum. The original lighthouse was at the end of a pier out in the water. In 1929, it was on the verge of collapsing so The Lighthouse Board took it down. One of the local townsfolk was so upset that he raised money to have a replica rebuilt. Sixty-two years later, Vermilion had its lighthouse back.

Later it was learned that the Vermilion Lighthouse was moved up to Lake Ontario and had become the East Charity Shoal Lighthouse after it was removed from service in Vermilion. The lighthouse sits just off of Cape Vincent in Lake Ontario at the entrance to the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

If you visit the Vermilion lighthouse, please make sure to factor in extra time to visit the museum. I spent about an hour or so in there, and didn't get a good look at everything.

Directions: From Ohio Route 2, take Route 60 north to Vermilion, Ohio. At the intersection of Route 60 and Liberty Ave (Route 6), go strait. You will cross over Liberty Ave, and be on Main Street. Follow this to the end, you will see the Inland Seas Maritime Museum and the lighthouse.

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