Stony Point Lighthouse

Henderson Harbor, New York - 1869 (1826**)

Lighthouse Picture

This tower sits on a point known strangely enough as Stony Point. The tower stands 73 feet tall and has an attached keeper's quarters. At one time, it was the only house in the area. That has all changed now as there are many houses that surround the old lighthouse.

It was removed from service in 1945 and is now a private residence, so please do not trespass. You can get great shots from the street, and there is a marina up the road where you could launch a boat from.

Note: The lighthouse is private property, please respect the owner's privacy and do not trespass.

Directions: The lighthouse sits off of the Seaway Trail (Route 3) in Henderson Harbor. Follow Military Road(Route 178) west, until Lighthouse Road splits off of it on the left. Follow Lighthouse Road all the way to the end (Watch carefully as it will split off to the right, and it will lie just in front of you. This lighthouse is private property, so please do not tresspass. You can easily take some nice pictures from the road.

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