Lime Point Lighthouse

San Francisco, California - 1900 (1883**)

Picture of Lime Point Lighthouse

This light sits at the North base of the Golden Gate Bridge. From what I have read, there was once a lantern room and a dwelling, both were removed somewhere in the early 1960s when it was automated.

This picture was taken from the scenic overlook just over the Golden Gate Bridge using a 500mm zoom lens. As you can see, it has become a popular hangout spot for seagulls.

Here is a picture from the Coast Guard archive of the light: Click here to view

Directions: From San Francisco, take Highway 101 north across the Golden Gate Bridge. Get off at the first exit just across the bridge. This will be at the scenic overlook area. Park your car and walk towards the retaining wall. Look down to the base of the bridge and you will see the Lime Point Lighthouse. Normally, I think you can go down to the base of the bridge, but the area was closed due to some sort of construction.

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